What’s you delivery range?

At this moment we only deliver in the city centre of Amsterdam. Do the postal code check here!

Is ‘plant-based’ the same as vegan?

When we say plant-based, it also means vegan

How is our food so healthy?

We’ve health hacked the standard burger patty so that you can relax and enjoy it. We use grains, beans, and veggies instead of unhealthy and fatty animal flesh. We’ve used only a dash of oil, and the oil we have used the king of kings: rapeseed. We found that coconut oil was crazy high in saturated fat so avoid using it in any of our products.

What are our burgers made of?

Our classic burgers are made from soya beans/protein whilst our chick’n patties & mini rashers are made from protein derived from wheat grains.

What are sat fats?

Saturated (‘sat’) fats are the ‘bad fats’ found in a lot of processed and prepared foods. Eating a diet high in saturated fats is linked to raised levels of bad cholesterol and an increased risk of heart disease.

Why do we focus on reducing sat fats?

High levels of saturated fats are bad for you.  A large amount of the adult population is either overweight or clinically obese so we need to seriously cut down of the levels of saturated fat in our diet. Everything we sell has three core principles: make it from plants not animals; keep saturated fat to a bare minimum, and have an amazing taste.

What about carbohydrates & calories?

Calories and carbohydrates are what keep you fueled and full of energy. Don’t get us wrong, too many carbs (and the wrong carbs) and calories are bad but for us, sat fats and sugar are the real bad guys.

Why don’t we like coconut oil?

Coconut oil contains more than 80% saturated fat, which is more than twice the amount found in lard (c.39%), and significantly more than is found in beef dripping (c.50%). We don’t like saturated fat because it’s super hard to shift off the body, raises levels of bad cholesterol, and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Are our patties Halal & Kosher friendly?

We don’t have any fancy and expensive certificates to show off but we can promise you there are no animal products or derivatives in our food.

Do we use Titanium Dioxide or Heme Iron?

Miami Burger exists to make the plant-based revolution a healthy one. There are a number of studies indicating that titanium dioxide used to whiten food (like vegan ‘chicken’) is cancer promoting.  Likewise, studies into heme Iron (found in cow’s flesh) suggest it promotes colon cancer. So, isolating that heme and engineering it into plant based patties doesn’t sound like a brilliant idea to us.